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Licensing without a patent

Posted by Anonymous . updated on 2/26/2009
I have an idea geared towards children that I think has mass market appeal.  I cannot, however, at the moment patent my idea, as money is tight.  I am looking to license my invention and I have heard it is possible to do without having a patent, but that there are different steps to take, should a person choose to license without a patent.  How would I go about doing this?  Any advice is very much appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your time...
Answers (1)
The question you must answer for yourself is, what do I have to offer the "licensee?"  Unless the invention requires some proprietary know how, there's often not much you can offer in the licensing context.

Also, short of an NDA, there is not much you could do to prevent a prospective licensee from implementing your invention without you.

That's the long and short of it, mostly the short of it.  You'd be well advised to speak to an attorney directly before contacting potential "licensees".

- Jeff
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