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All Questions in Trademark >> NFL Team Helmet 'Logo' in Wood Picture

NFL Team Helmet 'Logo' in Wood Picture

Posted by Anonymous . updated on 2/26/2009
I make wooden pictures.  Couple of years ago, when my daughter was dating a Colt fan, I made a helmet with a football next to it.  I use no paint or stains.  The colors come from the wood-so most of my pictures are earth tone colors.  The face guard on the helmet was brown and the helmet was almost white (Holly wood) but not true white. I put a horseshoe on the side of the helmet but it was brown-there is no wood that is blue (except blue pine)  It was a gift-no profit.

I would now like to put a picture of the helmet on my website.  A customer may see it and want to purchase the helmet. Am I breaking some trademark or copyright law making and selling a football helmet that is almost white with a brown horsehoe on the side?  Is this an infringement on the Colts? Can I get permission to do this?
Answers (1)
Without too much analysis, selling products bearing team logos would likely be problematic.  

Whether or not the trademark owner would come after you for showing the work on your website without offering to sell copies is another question.  If your intention is merely to show your work, you would stand a reasonable chance of avoiding infringement, I believe.  None of this means the rights owner wouldn't try to make trouble for you, of course.

- Jeff
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