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All Questions in Is it Patentable? >> Patent an existing product for a different use?

Patent an existing product for a different use?

Posted by Anonymous . updated on 2/26/2009
I have an idea for a product to be used in the looking after of babies (for example). Similar products have already been used in the cleaning field for kitchens (for example) - however my idea would not use this for cleaning - instead for the application of a substance to a surface. There would a be a few modifications to the shape of the product. Would this be patentable?

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am in the UK. Thanks Smiley

Answers (2)
Well, I only practice in the US, but I think the UK is similar on this.

Any new and non-obvious ("inventive") use of pre-existing things is patentable.  Any new and non-obvious ("inventive") modifications to an existing thing is also patentable.

That's just what I wanted to hear!!

Thankyou very much you have been most helpful. Now all I need to find is a patent agent! Cheers, Jessica
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