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All Questions in I have an invention … now what? >> Searching experts for short term assignment on Management of Patent Libraries in Philippines

Searching experts for short term assignment on Management of Patent Libraries in Philippines

Posted by Anonymous . updated on 3/22/2011
Dear Srs.

My name is Fabiana Silva Project Manager at Instituto de la Calidad (Bureau Veritas Group) (, Spanish company highly specialized in technical assistance projects financed by multilateral donors (EC, WB, IADB,etc).

We are currently implementing the TRTA II (Trade Related Technical Assistance Project - Phase II) in Philippines and we are looking for short term experts on Management of Patent Libraries. We are looking for one expert with knowledge of intellectual property rights, more specifically on patent information and patent search, specially in Asean and EU to prepare a draft of a franchise business model in establishing and managing a network of ITSO and assist IPOPHL in the operationalizaion and sustained implementation of the business model, prepare draft of an Operations Manual for management of ITSOs and prepare design and material for 2 or 3 days workshops in Manila and conduct series of training and mentoring sessions for 20 ITSOS Managers. The total of working days is 32 days in Manila.

If you have someone interested in this project I can send for your the Term of Reference with complete information about the assignment

You can find more information on the website of the project:

We will present 3 candidates to the beneficiary and the EU Delegation (the Client), which will select the preferred candidate. This candidate will carry out the mission.

In case you are interested, please send me your updated CV and let me know your financial conditions per working day.
We would be very grateful to receive your reply at the earliest possibility, in any case until the end of this week.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Kind regards

Fabiana Silva
Quality Institute
0034 932532244
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