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What does it mean if your patent application is published?

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What does it mean if your patent application is published? Video Transcript

What does it mean when your patent application is published and publicly available? Most patent applications get published after 18 months. An applicant can request that their application not get published by filing a request of non-publication, but most applications do get published. If you file that request to non-publication, it limits the ability to foreign file the application under PCT or other country convention rules. Therefore, most applications do get published at the USPTO within 18 months. When the application is published, it means it is under review by a patent examiner that has been assigned to the case. It is publicly accessible so people can search it. It might be used as a prior art against other claims that are being filed on different patents. It is generally an indicator that the office action process will start soon or you will start getting substantive remarks regarding your claims and the merits of those claims. is a website of Raj Abhyanker, a professional U.S. Patent Law firm, see: for more. All non-do-it-yourself related services advertised on this site are supervised and managed by a U.S. patent attorney.

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