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International Patent Application (PCT)

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) provides public access to detailed information about new ideas or inventions and facilitates applicants in obtaining patent rights for their inventions globally. Applicants may simultaneously seek protection for innovation in several nations by submitting a single worldwide patent application under the PCT.

An application for a PCT:

  • Obtain a patent filing deadline in 146 nations, such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, etc.
  • With a single application, you may assure the patent filing date up to 30 months after filing.

Using a PCT application may save time and money by not having to file a provisional patent in every nation where you want protection. It is a temporary solution that provides an official filing deadline and allows you to submit a complete application, much like a provisional application for a patent in the United States.

PCT Service

File a PCT patent application

$ ... + govt fee

$ ... + govt fee

What does it do?

Using a PCT application may save time and money by avoiding the need to submit provisional patent applications in each country where you want coverage.
PCT is a temporary solution that offers a formal filing date and enables you to submit a complete application in each nation where you require protection.

How will it help you?

By submitting a single 'international' patent application instead of several separate national or regional patent applications, the PCT enables simultaneous patent protection for an invention in many countries.
The patent applicant has extra time to choose which nations they want to protect the invention in.

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